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Hayden Freshwater Purple Pearl Detachable Ear Hoop Earrings (Cubic Zirconia s925)


Near round purple pearl measures approximately 12.8m each. Total length measures 28.8mm.

Introducing our enchanting Freshwater Purple Pearl Ear Hoop, a versatile accessory that embodies creativity and style. This unique piece features a lustrous purple freshwater pearl elegantly set within a delicate cubic zirconia ear hoop.

What sets this earring apart is its innovative detachable style, allowing you to wear it in multiple captivating ways. With just one earring, you can achieve different looks by changing the orientation of the pearl within the hoop. This clever design gives you the freedom to express your individuality and adapt your style to various occasions.

The exquisite freshwater purple pearl adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to each earring, while the cubic zirconia-studded hoop provides a subtle sparkle that catches the light beautifully. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or eclectic aesthetic, this earring effortlessly adapts to your vision.

Elevate your accessory game with the Freshwater Purple Pearl Ear Hoop, and let your creativity shine through different styling options. This piece not only showcases your impeccable taste but also celebrates your ability to reinvent your look with a single, stunning earring.

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Hayden Freshwater Purple Pearl Detachable Ear Hoop Earrings (Cubic Zirconia s925)

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