How To Care For Your Precious Jewellery:

As we use high quality pearls, gemstones and materials for every piece of jewellery that we create, it is important that you care for your jewellery so that the jewellery can last long and stay beautiful. Please read this jewellery care guide to know how to do so.

Damage prevention:

All chemicals are harmful. Direct contact from spraying of perfume, deodorant or other substances, or showering with them, will damage the pearls/gemstones over time. As pearls are delicate, we suggest you store them separately in soft pouches to protect the soft surface or keep them in our provided packaging.


It is advisable to wipe your jewellery with a soft damp cloth after each wearing to clean away dust and perspiration. Dipping the jewellry in cleaning solutions is not recommended, as some fluids will cause serious damage or decolourisation to certain gemstones such as Pearl, Citrine, Amethyst, Turquoise, etc.

To slow down oxidation:

We suggest that you can store the jewellery in self-sealing bags (eg. ziploc) to minimize oxidation of the metals, especially 925 silver and gold vermeil (that is, gold plated over silver). 14k/18k gold filled material can turn dull over time if not properly stored. We highly encourage cleaning and keeping the jewellery in self-sealing bags and placing your jewellery back in these bags after you have worn them.